Snuggle Me Organic Covers

The Snuggle Me Organic lounger is the first and only baby pillow designed to hug newborn babies up to nine months old. Lay baby on the top of the centre area of the lounger and the soft sides will surround their head and torso, giving them the feeling of the most gentle, loving snuggle. What a lovely way to sleep!

What makes the Snuggle Me Organic a standout product is that it’s designed so baby’s legs drape over the bottom end. This means your little one stays safely on their back when lying down or sleeping. Plus, the lounger is made with GOTS certified organic cotton fabrics, so it’s hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and breathable.

3 Little Crowns stocks Snuggle Me Organic here in Australia. We also have the Snuggle Me Organic Puddle Pad, which is designed to cover the Snuggle Me Organic baby pillow to absorb any tiny leaks.

Fitted Covers

Snuggle Me Organic Covers are also available to place over the top of the Snuggle Me Organic baby pillow and Puddle Pad. Snuggle Me Organic Covers are available in a range of colours, including neutral, pastel colours, and more earthy shades. We’ve also got a gorgeous range of baby blankets and bassinet sheets available to purchase, so baby has everything they need to be cosy, warm and content.

3 Little Crowns aims to be a one-stop-shop for all new parents and parents-to-be. All of our products are safe, kind to the environment, and look and feel incredible. To make things easier for you, we ship worldwide, and we offer Afterpay and Zip Pay so you can own the way you pay.