Baby Bonnets & Booties Sets

A time to Remember

The first six months of every baby’s life are incredibly precious. A time of gentle care, nurturing and support when you want everything to be just right. Our baby bonnet and booties sets are the epitome of ‘just right’, whether you’re outside in the brave new world or snuggled at home with the latest member of the family. 

Hand-knitted from softest merino wool, our baby clothes set is a reminder of generational love and care. Long after your baby has outgrown them, your Booties and Bonnet will remain an ageless, treasured keepsake. Colours are organic, warm and soft, shades of grey, bronze and ivory along with classic, subtle pinks and blues.  

A lovely alternative to ordinary socks, these baby bonnet and booties sets make the perfect gift for newborns and expectant mums and match perfectly with our range of blankets, swaddles and wraps. The quality is exceptional, attention to detail unsurpassed with a timeless look and feel that capture the fleeting moments of a new baby. You’d swear they were infused with that ‘new baby’ fragrance! 

The Secret of Merino

Merino wool has long been recognised as a supreme natural fibre, renowned for its softness, breathability and compatibility with human skin. It’s the reason Merino sheep are happy anywhere from the Australian outback to snowy alps. Merino wool helps to regulate body temperature, transports moisture away as a vapour, and neutralizes odours. It’s also the thinnest and softest of all wool types, each fibre only one-third the diameter of a human hair, which is why it’s so comfortable next to your body. 

At 3 Little Crowns we bring together the highest quality essentials for every baby. Our baby bonnets and booties are pre-washed and will stay looking and feeling great with minimal care. We ship around the world from our HQ based in Queensland, Australia and accept both ZipPay and Afterpay, so great quality is always within reach. Give your baby the best and shop our entire collection today.