Announcement & Milestone Plaques

Time goes by so fast when you have a newborn that it's easy to find yourself missing important milestones. Our beautiful collection of baby milestone plaques will make sure you get to embrace every step along the way.

Baby milestone plaques are an adorable way to capture precious moments in your little one's life and can help you to keep a thoughtful record of all of their “firsts”.

Handmade for every milestone

From pregnancy to birth, to first smiles and other important milestones as your baby grows, we have beautifully designed milestone cards and hand-etched wooden announcement plaques to help you commemorate every moment. 

Mark your baby’s arrival with a “Hello World!” plaque. Choose from a variety of different birth announcement plaques — from classic statement pieces to discs with room for you to write more details. These are the perfect addition to images or shelves in your nursery to share a special moment with friends and family.

Some moments are easily left behind in the excitement of life, like pregnancy updates and first days of school. While other moments seem to take the spotlight like the welcoming of another member to your family. Baby announcement plaques are a great way to mark and celebrate each and every day — big or small. 

Add a handcrafted milestone disc or card to what would otherwise be another regular baby photo and press pause on a fleeting moment so you can cherish it forever. Each side of our baby milestone cards is unique but coordinated — one side a signature pattern and the other a gorgeous colourway. Highlight every change your little one is experiencing each day with milestone cards acting as a common thread — creating a touching, personalised story of your baby’s special moments.  

Everlasting moments

Are you ready to share your life-changing news with your loved ones? Share your story with exquisite baby announcement plaques from 3 Little Crowns. We understand that life waits for nobody, which is why we offer worldwide shipping and the option to buy now and pay later with Afterpay and ZipPay. 

Capture and caption every special pregnancy and newborn moment with a personalised wooden or card milestone disc — the perfect way to ensure fleeting moments become everlasting treasures.