Al.ive Body

Bathing your newborn will be one of the most special moments of your life. That’s why you’ll want only the best and safest baby care products in your collection. 3 Little Crowns offers premium baby hair/body wash by Al.ive Body. The specially formulated hair and body wash is perfectly suitable for every baby, as it features carefully selected ingredients for young skin. But that’s not all. Offer your newborn the most enjoyable bath time by making their gentle skin protected and nourished with alive body lotion. 

We also have the solution for irritated skin. — the Al.ive body baby Nappy Cream. It’s the only cream you’ll ever need for taking care of your baby’s tooshie. The one product that helps you protect and care for your baby’s bottom is Al.ive body nappy cream. Formulated with carefully selected ingredients that will perfectly protect and soothe the discomfort of nappy rash. It also helps form an occlusive barrier, preventing moisture loss and irritation occurring. Contains no synthetic fragrances. 

We promise to only offer pure, natural baby-friendly bath and care products for your bundle of joy that is free from parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates (SLS), mineral oils, synthetic colours and fragrances. Make your bubba’s bath time pure heaven with our Baby Duo Hair/Body Wash & Lotion.